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The "Take it Slow" Informational Campaign

We're here to help you safely navigate roundabouts. Whether you're an inexperienced driver or a new driver, four simple guidelines will help you safely get into, and out of the roundabout.

We've created a new campaign around these guidelines, designed to help you navigate roundabouts more safely. We feature the four main safety tips: taking it slow, yielding to the left, not passing, and choosing the correct lane. We've named this campaign "Take it Slow," because a major cause of roundabout crashes is speed. Television, radio and the videos below are some of the tools we're using to help spread the word on roundabout safety. 

The "Take it Slow" Video
In the following videos, you'll see how to take it slow, choose the correct lane, yield to the left, and why we don't pass in a roundabout. Take a look. And feel free to download an MP3 of the song we created to help communicate the message. 


      Take it Slow                         Yield to the Left                       Don't Pass                     Choose the Right Lane

The "Take it Slow" TV commercial
Take a look at the four simple tips to help you safely navigate into and out of a roundabout. 

For detailed roundabout design, video and engineering information, visit WisDOT's motorist guide to roundabout design
Have specific questions? Visit our FAQs page for common questions about roundabouts. Or, learn more about the benefits of roundabouts and how to navigate


Note: This page contains information for the I-41 Project roundabouts in Brown County. To view statewide roundabout information, and to download training videos, displays and educational handouts, please see the WisDOT roundabout website at www.wisconsinroundabouts.gov.