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Connecting Wisconsin, connecting people

The US 41 Project provides opportunities for people who live and work in Wisconsin. Community stakeholders and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) may participate through the US 41 DBE Business and Labor Committees. These committees were formed with the following objectives:
  • Review and approve DBE project goals in a public meeting, and allow public input and discussion on the proposed DBE goals for the projects.
  • Provide a venue for interested community stakeholders to receive information on the US 41 Project, especially topics of interest to DBE firms. Provide a venue for WisDOT to receive input from community stakeholders on the DBE program for the US 41 Project.

2013 US 41 DBE Labor and Business Committee Meeting Dates:

February 20th
May 15th
August 21st
November 13th

US 41 DBE Labor Committee Meeting Location: USH 41 Project Office
Meeting Time: 1:30 - 3:00pm

US 41 DBE Business Committee Meeting Location: USH 41 Project Office
Meeting Time: 3:00 – 4:30pm

US 41 DBE Business and Labor Committees

Mission: To improve coordination, communication and planning of WisDOT programs and projects within the communities affected by its projects.

Goals and Objectives:
  • Foster, nurture, and promote effective and community-oriented relationships
  • Identify appropriate and effective best practices to do business and disseminate to WisDOT's leadership, management team and staff
  • Provide guidance in the areas of training, technical assistance, and products to expand capacity and quality of life
  • To assist WisDOT staff in serving this population
  • Provide a real-time mechanism and forum for WisDOT to explain efforts and community to relay expectations

  • Exchange and share information
  • Educate the community on WisDOT policies and procedures related to business and labor opportunities
  • Provide reality checks for WisDOT and stakeholders regarding WisDOT efforts
  • Make recommendations to the WisDOT Secretary regarding community expectations. Group consensus is required to forward a recommendation to the Secretary's office

DBE Business Committee

Structure – The committee is comprised of stakeholders with interests in business development and DBE goal setting. The meeting is led by WisDOT staff, is open to public stakeholders, and has minutes kept as public record.

Purpose – The committee consists of stakeholders representing contractor organizations, elected officials (state and local), federal government, and Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Their charge is to:
  • Recommend DBE goals to WisDOT on a project-by-project basis
  • Analyze potential for maximum DBE participation on WisDOT projects
  • Advise the WisDOT Secretary's office on policy and processes creating opportunity for DBEs on the US 41 Project
  • Promote hiring and contracting of Tribal businesses, support Tribal business development

DBE Labor Committee

Structure – This committee is comprised of stakeholders with interests in labor development and labor issues. The meeting is led by WisDOT staff, is open to public stakeholders, and has meeting minutes kept as public record.

Purpose – This team is comprised of management-level key stakeholders of the construction project. Members come from industry, government, labor and the community. Their charge is to:
  • Review information on issues affecting equitable workforce participation of women and minorities on the project
  • Evaluate the construction site and subsequent institutions for barriers
  • Suggest resources that lead to resolution
  • Promote hiring of Native American labor, support Native American labor development and employment

US 41 Project Labor Outreach

For additional information on workforce opportunities on the US 41 Project, read our brochure on getting a job on the project.

US 41 Project DBE Outreach

The US 41 Project and WisDOT provide support services free of charge to certified DBE firms, including:
  • One-on-one consulting assistance
  • Management services in business plan development
  • Financial package preparation
  • Accounting systems
  • Bonding and marketing assistance
  • Technical assistance

For more information on obtaining and maintaining DBE certification, visit the
WisDOT DBE Program website

US 41 Project Office
1940 W. Mason Street
Green Bay, WI 54303
(920) 492-2222

WisDOT DBE Support Services
6150 W. Fond du Lac Avenue
Milwaukee WI 53218
(414) 438-4583